The stock CLI

Stockroom introduces a high level, minimalistic command line utility called stock. It is built to be analogous to what hangar or git brings as functionalities through it’s CLIs.

Hit $ stock --help in your terminal when you stuck!


With stock we introduces a minimal set of commands which are necessary to run a git + stockroom workflow. You will also be able to setup github hooks for few stock actions in the upcoming release.




display current stockroom version


It does a stock commit. Stock commit consists of three actions

  1. Make a hangar commit and add the changed data to the repository
  2. Update the head.stock file which should be tracked with a git commit
  3. [Optional] Make a git commit and add the head.stock file to git history
stock commit [OPTIONS]


-m, --message <message>

The commit message. If multiple arguments are provided, each of them gets converted into a new line


Init stockroom repository. A stockroom repository is a hangar repository plus a head.stock that will be tracked by git.

stock init [OPTIONS]


--name <name>

First and last name of user

--email <email>

Email address of the user


overwrite a repository if it exists at the current path